Our staff at Relentless Fitness & Training consists of a close-knit team of motivated, experienced, and certified trainers. Co-founded by Matt Stroud and Jordan Kauffman, they bring over 20 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, boxing community, and overall health and wellness field. The Relentless family of trainers includes over 10 men and women dedicated to our members and have personal stake in the experience of every individual that enters our facility.

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Matt Strout is the co-founder of Relentless Fitness & Training. He is a certified personal trainer that specializes in weight loss, conditioning, and teaching the art of boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing. Matt is a NJ boxing certified coach as well and prides himself in working one on one with competitive boxers. He helped lead 141 LB Finalist Alberto Dell Valle to the Golden Gloves Finals in 2015. During a four-year career at Centrastate Fitness & Wellness Center, he also developed experience in corrective exercise, functional movement, strength & power training, and has helped many clients reach their personal fitness goals.

Matt grew up with a strong influence in exercise with his father and uncle having owned gyms and participated in bodybuilding competitions. After working in the corporate gym environment, Matt decided to take a leap of faith with Jordan Kaufman by his side in an attempt to recreate the fitness industry. He is extremely passionate and dedicated towards motivating and leading others to their own successes every day. Having a facility to call his own is a dream come true for Matt, and he hopes to influence as many lives as possible through Relentless Fitness & Training.


Paul Alvear is the General Manager and a Certified Personal Trainer. He specializes in weight loss and conditioning. He prides himself in program design and following a regimen in the best interest of his clients. Paul participated as a student athlete on the baseball field through high school and into college. He understands what it takes to maintain a balanced schedule between your health and wellness and your daily schedule.

He enjoys working with teams and groups training for sport specific results and to prepare for events and races. He has experience working with the Jackson Memorial High School Baseball Program and Manalapan High School Baseball Program during pre-season training as well as the Jackson Memorial Lacrosse and Varsity Football Program for preseason training.

Paul is a graduate of Kean University where he received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Administration and specialized in commercial recreation. He enjoys being part of the daily operations at Relentless Training and has a great grasp on understanding what the members here want. He is open to working with everyone and anyone. Individuals that have a specific goal that motivates them are a great fit for him. If you have a barrier or accomplishment you want to reach in any aspect of life, or if you are willing to be open minded and show up to workout, Paul has exceptional leadership skills that will take you to places in your fitness life you have never been. His passion is to change your life along with your body. Paul’s goal is to continue to create the best environment possible for everyone, starting with the Relentless Fitness member base. He strives to help lead the business through ultimate growth in the fitness industry and truly has a passion for success within yours and his lifestyle.


Pete Strout is a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in combining strength and fitness to help create a stronger body and a strong positive mind. As a former competitive bodybuilder and gym owner, he brings more than 30 years of experience in helping people reach their fitness goals and aspirations. Take that first step in changing your life forever.


Mark Bergery is a Certified Personal Trainer who loves to push his clientele and focus on both the physical and mental aspects of training. He believes that each session is about getting to the next Level.

He is someone who has a unique background and knows first hand how to juggle a busy lifestyle but still commits to overall health and fitness. In 2012 Mark graduated from Albright College with a dual major in History and Criminology, where he had played collegiate football for 4 years and was a captain of the team for 2 years. Currently Mark is a full time police officer. Using the Relentless lifestyle he finished #1 in Physical Fitness Training out of 249 police recruits in his academy. This leads him to have one of the most diverse client bases; he enjoys the next level competitive attitude. He works with individuals of all ages, wanting to lose weight, tone up, pack on muscle, box, sports specific, and specialize in preparation for military or police academy training.


Franco Fabiano is a Certified Personal Trainer. He focuses on exercise programming, body composition, cardiovascular assessments, strength assessment, anaerobic testing, speed, power, agility, and flexibility training. He is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania 2011 where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in exercise science with a concentration in sport and exercise conditioning.

Franco enjoys motivating people to not only reach their desired goals, but to live healthier lives through fitness.


Franco lives his own life on the firm belief that “Success is never final, failure is never fatal, and it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Franco works with a range of clients, from creating specific programs for sports athletes to creating challenging fitness routines for those who want to improve all aspects of their lives. He is dedicated to differentiating his programs based on the diverse needs of his clients. In his time spent at Relentless he has experience in preparing his clients for many events which include the Stephen Stiller 5k, Trenton Half Marathon 2013, Disney 10 Mile Tower of Terror 2013, Hershey 10k 2015, New Jersey Half Marathon 2015, Disney Crossfit Games 2014, Disney Castaway 5k 2014/2015, and the Disney Half Marathon 2016 just to name a few.


Hillary Kagan Hirschberg is a Certified Personal Trainer. Hillary has been a founding member of Relentless Fitness and Training since 2012. She attributes her weight loss and fitness accomplishments to the dedicated work of Relentless Trainers. This experience has motivated her to impart this knowledge to others. Teaching for 33 years within the NYC school system additionally enables her to be sensitive to the client’s needs and goals.

Hillary has her Bachelor of Arts in studio art from Brooklyn College along with her Masters of Arts in secondary art education from Brooklyn College and her Masters Equivalent in studio art social work from Brooklyn College and Adelphi University.

She is extremely passionate and believes “Nothing succeeds like success.” Hillary’s weight loss and fitness success continue to motivate her to achieve higher goals, not only for herself but also for the client. She strives to educate and motivate the client by instructing and discussing strategies and challenges that may arise during their fitness journey. Ultimately, Hillary is determined to create a recipe for a healthy lifestyle that will empower the client so that they will be able to achieve and maintain their goals.



AnnaMarie Talerico is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM). AnnaMarie attended the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy in Pasadena, California where she studied modalities of functional strength, flexibility, corrective exercise training and cardio respiratory training. In addition, she studied exercise science, performance nutrition, and metabolic calorie planning.

AnnaMarie has put her passion for helping others and fitness together and has gained experience working with special populations in the corporate world and took the valuable information and lessons here to Relentless Fitness and Training.






Ross is a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning coach and Fitness Director with certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) and American Council on Exercise(ACE). He has specializations in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement with NASM. 


His experience includes working as a Tier 2 trainer at Centrastate Fitness and Wellness, a Strength and Conditioning coach at Source - The Institute for Human Performance, and as a Fitness Director at Robert Wood Johnson Fitness and Wellness. At RWJ, Ross started the Parkinson’s exercise program. He is also on the NJ American Parkinson’s Disease Association board of directors. 


He currently has a personal training practice as part of Bodies by Maximus LLC, where he focuses on working with an adult population on weight loss, strength and conditioning, muscle imbalances and movement impairments. He has a passion for working with Parkinson’s patients and improving their symptoms through exercise.


He is now launching Well-Being, Fitness by Other Means as a means of extending his expertise to include small group exercise and nutrition programs targeting individuals of any age who are either looking to start or get back into exercise, or struggle with reaching their goals. Classes are designed to be gradually progressive, and to create self-efficacy for exercise and nutrition.


The goal of Well-Being is to create an environment and programs to attract the 80% of the community who is struggling with their health and wellness, knowing what to do to get results, finding the time, and have it be affordable. The programs offer exercise and nutrition for small groups with more individualized attention while under the direction of a personal trainer without the high cost of personal training.