Supervised Training is at the core of the Relentless Fitness experience and features Customized Training Programs created specifically for your needs. You receive supervision from our certified team to ensure proper form, progression, and motivation. Your program changes every 2-6 weeks to ensure progress, engagement, and motivation.


At Relentless Fitness, we are firm believers in the importance of doing exercises correctly. If you are improperly working out, you can put unnecessary strain on unwanted parts of the body and can even cause long term injury.


Our Signature “Supervised Training” Program will provide instruction, guidance, and motivation for you to get the best results out of your workouts, while also keeping your experience fresh and fun.

  • Certified Relentless trainers to supervise and motivate you

  • Minimize risk of injury by focusing on proper form

  • We will create unique workout plans tailored to your goals

  • A new plan is designed for you every 4 weeks keeping you engaged and motivated

  • Supervised Nutrition



  • Trainer Supervision

  • Ask Questions to Trainers

  • Tailored Workouts

  • Monthly Mindset and Philosophy Discussion group

  • Personal Help and Advice


One of the biggest factors that set Relentless Fitness apart from your average gym is that we will work with you to create a unique an individualized work out plan just for you. Have a bum knee but need to lose weight? Does a bad back restrict your movement? Relentless will tailor a workout for you around your ailments to put you in a position of strength. Relentless Fitness coaches have the knowledge and experience to work around these potential setbacks and turn them into positive motivators, setting you up with a unique workout that can truly work for you.


In addition to the personal touch you receive with supervised training, supervised nutrition is included in your membership to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle and commit to healthy living. At Relentless we want to give you the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals. With our Supervised Training Program, we provide unique and specifically tailored workouts, along with an emphasis on nutrition and healthy living that will have you well on your way to meeting your ultimate fitness goals. Following our Supervised Training Program, Relentless Fitness will set you up with an experienced, knowledgeable, and certified coach to begin Personal Training sessions with additional focus and personal attention to take you to an additional level of health and fitness.


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