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The Best Way To Achieve Your Fitness Goals: The 168 Hour Plan

Man achieving fitness goals at Freehold NJ gym

Every single day, someone embarks on a fitness journey. It is an exciting moment with big goals and dreams.

Despite this early excitement, as estimated 73% of people don’t reach their fitness goals.

While there are many reasons why, one of the biggest reasons why so many people don’t reach their goals is because they try to separate their fitness goals from their everyday life. They compartmentalize their fitness schedule to specific days, with long-term schedules that stretch out for months.

The reality is the best way to reach your fitness goals is to find a better way to measure success. While you need to create that vision of what the end results will look like, you also need to find a way to progress towards that goal. Not just the schedule, but a way of making it a lifestyle.

That’s where our 168-Hour Plan comes into play!

You aren’t going to reach your fitness goals in a week, but by focusing on the number of hours in a week, you can begin to realize how to take steps each day to move closer towards your goal.

Your fitness goals aren’t going to be reached simply by going to a Freehold NJ gym three or four times a week, which is how most fitness plans are constructed. If you really want to achieve your goals, you need to combine your personal, professional and fitness lives into a single unit of measure so you are truly progressing towards a common goal.

So, how does it work?

Big Vision

Dreaming of end results for fitness program in Freehold NJ

The first step is realizing your goals. You need to know where you want to be before you can determine how to get there.

You need to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to look like?

  • What do I want to learn?

  • What do I want to do better?

With these answers, you can start to create a Vision Of The Future for yourself. That image can serve as the driving force to keep you pushing when the times get tough or when you need a little extra motivation to keep going.

Create A Plan

Creating a workout plan at a Bradley Beach NJ gym

Now that you have a Vision Of The Future, you need a plan to make it a reality. Here is where the bulk of the 168-Hour Plan comes into play.

Most workouts are designed with specific workout days, stretched over a few months with a few pre-determined shifts in the workout. That design is one of the key reasons why so many people never realize their fitness goals.

With our 168-Hour Plan, we create a plan that focuses on maximizing the hours each week, with a long-term vision for the end results. When you look too far ahead in a fitness plan, anxiety can creep in, causing people to think they will never achieve those goals.

By working back from your goals to a weekly plan, you can account for your entire life. You can understand what personal and professional responsibilities you have and figure out additional areas to move towards your fitness goals.

While you may only be working out for a total of 8 hours per week, you have an additional 160 hours available to fill. Most people assume those 160 hours are not important as long as they dedicate the other 8 to fitness. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The best way to achieve your fitness goals is to understand how to maximize all 168 hours each week.

That means:

  • Understanding your sleep patterns

  • Ensuring you are spending enough time with friends and family

  • Making time for reflection

  • Addressing work/life balance questions

  • Determining ways to improve your overall quality of life

When you take all of these into account, you can begin to make progress towards your goals.

Not only that, but when you break down your life into the hours of each week, you can find pockets of time to make small improvements. Things like taking a walk with your spouse, finding an hour here and there to put your phone down and just about anything that can put focus on improving your physical, mental and emotional health.

Track Your Progress

The benefit of making a weekly plan with a focus on maximizing the hours of each week is you can track your progress on a weekly basis. While it may be difficult to remember how you did a few weeks ago, you are likely to remember exactly what you did a few days ago.

This not only allows you to maintain focus and continue progress towards your goals, but it also keeps you motivated, as you can see how the changes you are making are having an impact. Maybe it’s sleeping more and feeling refreshed; or maybe it is having more focus during work; or maybe feeling more enjoyment when you spend time with your family.

The benefits of fitness training go far beyond the gym and with the 168-Hour Plan, you will start to see how.

And best of all, the 168-Hour Plan affords the flexibility to truly work around your schedule and life. If you have a week with a lot of family responsibilities or know that you are going to be really busy at work, you can adjust your weekly goals to account for that.

The reality is life changes each week and having a rigid plan with only long-term goals is a recipe for failure. By focusing on each week and each hour within the week, you can set yourself up for success based on how your life changes. When you need to make adjustments, you can easily do it.

Work With A Professional

Personal trainer in Freehold NJ working with client

The last and most crucial aspect of this plan is working with the Freehold personal trainers at Relentless Fitness. This 168-Hour Plan has been developed from decades of experience and first-hand work with clients. Our team has been specifically trained in this philosophy to ensure every client follows through and achieves their fitness goals.

With our plan, you will work each week with your coach to set a schedule to progress towards your goals. Our coaches will get to know your professional and personal goals, as well as your fitness goals to help you create the life you want and to become the best version of yourself.

We are there with you at every step of the journey and hold ourselves to the same standard, ensuring we develop a well-defined weekly plan that we can help you manage. It is our job to put you in the best place for success and that means working diligently to learn what the best activities are for you outside of the gym.

Our focus will never be only what happens inside our Freehold gym. It will always be on making sure you are moving closer to the Vision Of The Future that you see for yourself. And by maximizing every hour of every week, you can ensure you are always moving in the right direction.

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