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Best podcasts to binge listen to during a long run

Nothing can make running on the treadmill—or out in nature—more enjoyable than listening to some of your favorite podcasts. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just trying to get more fit, having something entertaining and educational while you run can be hugely motivating and help pass the time quickly. But with so many great podcast options out there, choosing which ones are right for long runs can be tricky. To help make this process easier, we've compiled a list of our top picks of podcasts that will give you something engaging and interesting to listen to any time you hit the pavement. So if you're looking for new ways to jazz up your workouts, read on!

With the growing popularity of podcasts, runners can now enjoy some great company during their long runs. A good podcast can help you take your mind off the fatigue and make your running experience more enjoyable. That's why we've curated a list of the best podcasts to binge listen to during a long run.

The Rich Roll Podcast: Hosted by ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll, this podcast brings in-depth conversations with some of the most inspiring figures in fitness and wellness. From plant-based nutrition to mental health and spirituality, Roll's podcast covers a wide range of topics that can keep you engaged and motivated during your run.

How I Built This: For a dose of entrepreneurial inspiration, tune into Guy Raz's podcast, How I Built This. Raz is a skilled interviewer who delves deep into the journeys of some of the world's most successful business leaders. From the creation of Airbnb to the rise of Spanx, this podcast is not only informative but also incredibly entertaining.

TED Talks Daily: TED Talks are known for their ability to educate and inspire, and their daily podcast is no exception. Each episode features a short, powerful talk from speakers across a range of disciplines, including science, culture, and technology. These talks can be a great way to reflect and think during your run.

Serial: For a gripping true crime mystery, look no further than Serial. This podcast explores the case of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of the murder of his high school ex-girlfriend in Baltimore. With each episode, host Sarah Koenig dives deep into the evidence and interviews witnesses to unravel the complex case.

The Daily: If you want to stay informed on current events, The Daily is a great option. This podcast, produced by The New York Times, covers the top stories of the day in a digestible format. With each episode lasting around 20 minutes, you can get up to speed on the news while completing your run.

Running is not just an exercise that people do, it’s a way to connect with themselves and their environment. Binge listening to the best podcasts can help you relax and go into your own mental space while running. To ensure a productive and rewarding run, finding the right environment is key. Freehold NJ Gym provides runners with both the necessary equipment and atmosphere to produce enjoyable runs for everyone. Whether you’re looking for diversity in music or stories, having the right podcast on hand will make sure that your long run will live up to its full potential. So turn on those headphones and hit the pavement!

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