Bulking for Beginners: What You Need to Know

Summer is just around the corner and you want to look as fit as possible for Memorial Day Weekend. What are you going to do? Start bulking, obviously. Don’t worry about the date on the calendar, you still have plenty of time to squeeze the most out of your workouts. Bulking might seem intimidating at first, but it is one of the most rewarding and character building experiences. Swoll is the goal and size is the prize. How do you bulk like a champ? With the help of Relentless Fitness, of course. Our expert coaches are here and are ready to give you a body transformation that would make Zach Effron blush. At Relentless Fitness, we want you to be happy with your body and are ready to help you reach your goals. Bulking is a great way to improve your self-confidence and allowing yourself to have the best body on the beach. Here are our tips to start the bulking process.

Track your progress

If you are bulking, you have a goal you are aiming for. While that is where you want to end up, the more important step is to track your progress. Trust us when we say this isn’t nearly as much of a pain as you’d think. Just taking 2 minutes once you finish your workout to take notes on what you accomplished will add up and give you a complete picture of progress. On those days you need a little extra motivation to make it to the gym, take a look at your progress to keep yourself on track. On top of that, tracking allows you to adjust your routine. Are those curls no longer working as well? Your progress will reflect it and will allow you to incorporate a new exercise if needed. From helping you stay motivated to allowing you to see just how much each workout is worth, tracking progress is the first step in bulking.

Proper Nutrition

No matter how big you want to grow your muscles, it won’t be possible without the proper nutrition. The first thing you need to do when bulking is to find your calorie intake needs. Having too few will hinder growth while too many with cause you to “overgrow” and end up gaining some fat. Do you know what the most important element the body needs for building muscle mass is? Protein. This is the most crucial aspect of any nutritional diet geared toward growth. Protein helps build muscle, the goal of bulking. Why do you think massive bodybuilders are always drinking those protein shakes? You also need to slowly eliminate unhealthy fats to keep up the positive growth. If you need to take your nutrition to the next level, check out our awesome nutritional coaching programs.

Rest and Recovery

Resting is just as important to your muscle growth as getting the proper protein and workouts. Why? Well for one, your body needs to heal itself. When you workout, you are tearing your muscles with new stronger mass being built into the body once the healing process is complete. Your body won’t be able to go through this natural cycle if you are constantly working out, preventing the healing. On top of that, the rest is just as important as recovery. Depending on how hard you went at the gym, a power nap is a perfect way to speed up recovery. You don’t need to be shredding the bench press every day to gain the muscles you crave; resting and recovery are just as important to the process.

Consider a Personal Trainer

If you still feel you need some extra help to reach your swoll goal, consider a personal trainer. You might find yourself asking the question “Is it worth hiring one?” We can assure you that it is. First of all, they will help you develop the best personalized plan. Don’t waste your time combing through mountains of text and sports guides; let their expert opinion guide you through the process. Best of all, they will be with you every step of the way. Don’t worry about messing up an exercise, they will ensure that you are executing it to perfection. If you want some of the best personal trainers in the field to help you, we’re here to help.

If you want to start bulking, you are going to need to start today and be dedicated to the cause. Tracking your progress, balancing your nutrition, properly resting, and looking into a personal trainer are all great ways to get started. Building muscle is one of the most rewarding fitness journeys anyone can go on both physical and mentally. You will learn discipline and will see that hard work does pay off.

At Relentless Fitness, we don’t just see you as another client on the gym floor, but as a person with their own goals. We want to help you take your fitness to the highest level, which is why we offer personal trainers. They will not rest until your goals are reached and you have taken the proper steps towards them. Let us help you get the body you always wanted. Don’t wait, call us today. To learn more about Relentless Fitness and taking your workouts to the next level, check out our blog.


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