The Best Exercises for Strengthening Your Back

Updated: May 6, 2019

So you master chest day and slaughtered leg but what are you going to do now? Obviously, it’s time for back day. It’s far more important to work out your back than you might realize. Just a few of the many amazing benefits you get from building up your back muscles are better posture, improved balance, and boosting the tone your muscular frame. Everyone can do more after improving their back strength, which is why at Relentless Fitness, we want you to know exactly what you need to do. If you are searching for some killer back workouts, look no further, we have you covered. Once you begin incorporating these into your gym routine, you will have a back that would make Adonis glow with envy.

Standing T-bar Row

If you want to maximize your back gains, you need to start doing standing T-bar rows. You may have never heard of this exercise but it’s quickly going to become one of your favorites. This works your lower and upper back along with your shoulders. It’s a great package deal and all you need to do it is:

  • Turn the bar sideways

  • Place weights on one side to hold it down

  • Add light weights to the side you will lift

  • Bend at the hips to grasp the bar at 45 degrees

  • Hold the bar with both hands

  • Keep your lower back arched and move your shoulder blades until the weights on the bar touch your chest

  • Lower the bar back into the start position

This will give you one of the best workouts of your life. With a little practice, you will be able to show off your gains after killing it. Even if this makes you feel like your body has been used as a sandbag, the results will keep you coming back for more. Never do a back day again without the stand T-bar row.

Pull Up

Is there a more iconic exercise than the classic pull up? Watch any movie with a training montage and you are guaranteed to see lots of weights, running, and pull-ups. There is a very good reason it’s been around for so long and a staple of so many gym routines, it gives you a back like a God. This is an excellent way to work out your entire back along with your shoulders. What makes it even better, and I hope you are sitting down for this, is that there are many different types of pull-ups. You have the chin up, mixed grip, the commando, towel pull-up and more. You can’t even say you are working out your back without incorporating this classic into your routine, find one type that works best for you and get swole.


The deadlift might seem intimidating but we can assure that it is perfectly harmless, as long as you use the proper method. This is one of the best ways you can build back muscle, not to mention it makes you feel amazing once you’ve completed your sets. Mastering this exercise is the key to becoming a champion in the gym. To pull off the proper deadlift, do the following:

  • Firmly grasp the bar

  • Drop your knees slowly until your shins are touching the bar

  • Lift your chest and keep your shoulders and back straight

  • Pull and move your body into a stand position while keeping your back straight

  • Hold and then place the bar back on the ground

This will leave you feeling strong enough to go head to head with even the biggest muscle monster you can find on your gyms weights. If you are looking to build back strength, look no further than the deadlift.

Bent-Over Row with resistance bands

Resistance bands are one of the single most incredible and versatile tools in the gym arsenal. They can be used in a number of exercises to workout almost any muscle in the body which includes the back. The best of all back workouts with these puppies is the bent-over row. The name sounds fancy but it really is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is:

  • Stand on a resistance band

  • Line your feet up with your shoulder

  • Bend over while keeping your back straight

  • Bend your knees slightly

  • Begin reps

Do as many of these as you wish as often as you like and soon you will be getting some killer back gains. You feel a bit tender the next day but we promise you that this exercise is worth it. After a few weeks of this, you’ll be wondering how you ever worked out without resistance bands in the first place.

There are many ways to build back muscle, but these are some of the methods that will give you the greatest results. Pull-ups, deadlifts, bent-over rows, and standing T-bar rows will give you a great work out and even better results. Back day should be something you are doing once a week and with these exercises, you are going to make it one of your best days. If you are interested in learning more about training and fitness, contact us right away.

At Relentless Fitness, we make your training our priority. Our personal trainers will make your goals their goals and guide you to reaching them. They also can help you come up with the perfect diet plan, helping you ensure that your nutrition is the best it can be. Join us today and let’s reach your fitness dreams together. For more info on working out and Relentless Fitness, check out our blogs.


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