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The Best Post-Workout Superfoods

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

So you just had an amazing gym session and are heading home after massacring those weights. The first thing you do when you walk in the door is deciding to get some food, but what should you eat? It has to be something that will help your recovery while also giving some valuable nutrition for your gains. Luckily, our crew at Relentless Fitness is here for you. Since we have been in the fitness scene for a long time, we have seen it all and know exactly what you need to fill your belly with to get the most of your post-gym recovery. There are plenty of superfoods out there that will help with recovery on top of giving you some extra healthy bonuses.

Grilled Chicken

Protein is a must for a post-gym snack due to the fact that it’s what helps your muscles recover. One of the best meals you can have that is packed to the brim with pure protein is grilled chicken. 4 ounces of grilled chicken contains an astonishing 38 grams of protein. You can do the math from there to see how much an 8-ounce or even 12-ounce piece has. Best of all, grilled chicken can be mixed with rice, veggies, and other side dishes to add some great flavor. Once you get home from the gym fire up the grill, that chicken is gonna make you feel like Superman after you finish it.


What makes something as simple as an egg so perfect for a post-gym snack? Well, it's cheap and packed with all kinds of goodness for your body. There is a good reason that Rocky can be seen drinking raw eggs when he trains for boxing, they are extremely rich in protein! Even though Rocky is just a movie, eggs can truly make a massive difference. Each egg has about 6 grams of protein, something that aids in muscle recovery and growth while also being packed with vitamins and minerals. If you are a regular gym goer, work eggs into your diet, it’s something that your body will thank you for in big ways!


You probably have seen a classic Popeye cartoon where the famous sailor saves the day by getting supercharged by spinach. But did you know, however, that spinach actually does have that effect in real life? While you might not gain muscles like a battleship, you will get an unbelievable boost in muscle recovery. This leafy veggie gives you a 20% increase in muscle recovery and growth! It also has other benefits, such as improved vision and a high dose of vitamin K which helps bone growth. It might not be the flashiest food but next time you crush it at the gym pop open a can of spinach when you get home. Soon you’ll be able to outdo Popeye in your feats of strength!

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate might seem like a poor choice for muscle recovery but chocolate milk is one of the best post-workout snacks you can have. Why? This sweet drink is excellent at muscle recovery! In fact, drinking fat-free chocolate milk after hitting the gym has been found to help more with recovery than having a sports drink. You can also substitute normal milk without any added flavors as it offers just as many benefits. So once you get home drink a nice cold glass of milk for a great way to recover. Don’t forget to add some chocolate for extra flavor!

There are plenty of meals you can have after a workout or virtual fitness classes that gives you an amazing recovery. Meals like spinach, eggs, or grilled chicken are all packed with what your body needs to make a great recovery as well as stimulate muscle growth. At Relentless Fitness, we are the leading experts on personal fitness. We will help you with everything from personal training to getting your nutrition just right to meet your goals. If you find yourself looking for some more great fitness tips check out our blogs. Contact us today if you are ready to change your life!

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