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Superfoods To Add To Your Diet This Fall

Fall is officially here and summer is over, which may be a sad thought, but just look at the brighter side of things. Fall offers many fun activities such as apple picking, tractor rides, Halloween, and plenty of delicious sweet treats that can be enjoyed. While there is no problem enjoying some delicious caramel covered goodness this fall, you should also keep your diet in mind especially with so many fall superfoods ready for your enjoyment. Here are the best fall superfoods you need in your diet from our dedicated team Relentless Fitness.


Pumpkin is a staple of the fall season foods, and it should become a staple of your fall diet plans. Pumpkin offers an insane number of benefits and will keep your body strong and slim as the leaves change. Just a few of the benefits of pumpkin include a positive effect on your blood pressure, preventing damage to eyes, reducing the risk of cancer, and even helps keep your immunity system strong. While it is tempting to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte or a delicious slice of pumpkin pie, those really don’t count. So be sure to go out and grab yourself a nice fat pumpkin this fall, your body will thank you for it.


The old saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” but it doesn’t cover the benefits your body gets from a delicious red apple. Apple picking and apple bobbing are just a few of the fun apple activities you can partake in this fall, but the benefits you will receive from these tasty crimson or green treats are jaw-dropping. The benefits of apples include reduced risk of stroke, diabetes, and cancer, a rather surprising boost to your neural health, and even fighting dementia. On top of all of these, you get a huge boost of Vitamin C from apples. What does Vitamin C do? Well, just a few of its benefits include boosting your immunity system, prevents iron deficiencies, and fights off heart disease. Even if you don’t win the apple bob, keep in mind that this sweet fruit will give you something better than any prize.

Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash, also known as Winter Squash, is a treat that your diet cannot be without this fall. Despite what the name is, squash is actually harvested in the fall and grown in the summer, but due to its strong skin, squash can be stored for three months without ill effects. On top of this amazing shelf life, squash also offers a number of marvelous benefits for your body. These include preventing asthma, lowering the risk of cancer, and fighting high blood pressure. Perhaps the best benefit of all is the fact that squash is extremely good for your skin and hair. It helps them both look healthy and your body produce the necessary nutrients to keep both strong. Grab a few squashes at the fall market this year, you will be able to enjoy its benefits all winter long.

Sweet Potatoes

If you have a sweet tooth this fall then the sweet potato is the perfect treat to satisfy your cravings and give yourself a healthy treat. When we say a healthy treat, we mean a really healthy treat. Sweet potatoes are packed so full of benefits for your body that it’s almost a crime not to eat them. Just a few of the amazing things you will get out of these sweet puppies are reducing the risk of cancer in men, lowering risk of diabetes, increasing fertility in women, preventing damage to your eyes, and a huge list of other amazing benefits. Did we also mention that you can consume these little treats hundreds of different ways? They can also be cooked, mashed, eaten raw, or added to any salad of fun dish for some extra flavor. After reading all this, can you really afford not to bring in the sweet potato to your diet?


You may not think of the pear as a fall food, but it is a perfect snack for those pleasantly chilly days coming up. Pears are a goldmine of benefits for your body with their sweet flavor and dazzling array of colors. Some of the glorious gains you will get out of the humble pair include a rich fiber intake, healthier digestion, reduced cholesterol, and a detox. On top of all these benefits, pears also are a good weight loss snack. Due to their rich fibrous nature, they will keep you feeling full longer and with a low-calorie count, they will help you shed those pounds in no time.

Fall is full of rich and sweet treats but don’t let those take over your diet. A piece of pumpkin pie here or there is fine but be sure to keep up with your healthy diet. Not only will it help your beach body last until next summer but it will also keep your body happy and healthy. Whether you want to lose some weight, gain some muscle, or just want to straight living a healthier lifestyle, be sure to check out Relentless Fitness for all your gym needs. We can help you achieve your goal no matter what is it. Sign up today!

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