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Post-Dog Days of Summer Workout Tips

No matter which way you slice it, summer is coming to its end. Whether you are excited to see the season come to a close or are depressed about the thought of another long cold winter, the sun is slowly setting in summer 2018. Now the big question is, what are you gonna do about the summer body you had these past few months? Surely you don’t want it to waste away, right? Well not to worry, fall is the perfect time to keep that healthy lifestyle going. Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean your healthy lifestyle should. Here are some fall workout tips from our team at Relentless Fitness so that you are prepped and ready to crush any workout.

Add those Layers

Now summer is great since all you need to work out is a shirt and shorts due to the gorgeous weather, but sadly those warm summer days will soon be a thing of the past. With those cool fall days coming, you will need to put on some layers to protect yourself. Now you might be thinking you don’t need to since you will get hot working out, but there is more to it. You could potentially come down a nasty sickness due to being wet from sweat without the proper layers. A simple sweatshirt and undershirt will keep you warm and go a long way in keeping you healthy.

The fall trademark (Pumpkins)

While it is tempting to indulge in the many fall sweets that are staples of the season, have you ever considered the pumpkin? Pumpkin flavoring doesn’t count, so you are just gonna have to munch on some of the actually snacks you can make with real pumpkin. The best thing about the pumpkin is how healthy it is for you. The benefits of eating pumpkins include lowered blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, antioxidants that help your eyes stay healthy, and more. All this comes with a low-calorie count as well making it a perfect fall treat. So why not stop thinking of pumpkins as jack-o-lanterns and see it as the healthy gold mine it really is?

Take your talents indoors

As great as it is to work out in the outdoors, the beginning of falls means that those days are numbered. Gone will be the warm beach runs on summer mornings and late afternoon swim workouts. This doesn’t mean you have to stop working out though, there are alternatives. Gyms like ours at Relentless Fitness offer a great indoor workout experience, whether you simply want to burn off some calories on a bike or are looking to bulk up with a bench press. Don’t wait and let that sick summer bod disappear!

Fuel up properly

Just because people won’t be seeing that summer body anymore doesn’t mean you should throw your diet away. Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping track of your calories are key factors in a healthy lifestyle. Now we’re not saying you can’t enjoy some of the delicious fall treats that will soon be on your table, in fact treating yourself to something sweet and sugary is perfectly fine, just be smart about it. Whether you’re counting it as a cheat meal or decide to treat yourself to that slice of pumpkin pie with all that good stuff on it, just keep to your diet and you’ll be alright. Once you strengthen yourself mentally and physically, you will be an unstoppable force.


Looking for a little something to warm those bones on those chilly fall nights? Why not pour yourself a delicious cup of tea? Not only is tea a warm treat, it’s also extremely good for you. Some of the benefits of drinking tea include preventing bone loss, reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke, boosting your immune system, and so much more! With all those benefits, why wouldn’t you want to drink a nice cup of tea daily?

Summer is ending but that doesn’t mean your workouts have too. These tips will help you keep your healthy lifestyle going into fall to keep you living your best life. Relentless Fitness is here to help you will all your exercise needs! No matter what time of year you can count on us to provide a great experience and in-depth expertise!

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