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4 Tips For Getting Your Body Ready to Hit The Beach

Summer is going to be here before you know it and there is no better time than now to work off the last of that finals week junk food! Now that we are in the heart of spring and the sun has been out this past couple of weeks, we have been getting that summer vibe from our clients at Relentless Fitness. This can be a tricky moment. You must be prepared to channel your inner motivation, develop a plan and manage your expectations so that you are ready to hit the beach when it counts!

Create a plan

It is so very important to plan out exactly what you would like to achieve and by when, preferably 3 months to the day you selected is when you should really begin to focus. Be realistic and know that it takes longer than you might think to change your body to look good for your perfect beach day. You will need to take into account that your body changes and that you will need to move into many different phases of action to keep you moving toward your body goal. Just as an additional heads up, do not knock progress. Even a small progression in the right direction can go a very long way once you build momentum.

Realize what you are made of

Aside from finding out what you are made of mentally, you need to know what you are actually made of physically. Get some solid data about you and do not leave creating your perfect program to guessing. Knowing your body composition (i.e. what your body fat percentage is) will allow you to know what will work in terms of your exercise activities and diet plan over time and what will not cut it. To find out what percentage of your body is muscle vs. fat, you are going to need a personal trainer or nutritionist to take your readings. Once you have these readings then you will need to have this data translated into a plan with daily or weekly targets that will keep you on task to accomplish your goal.

Select a personal trainer

Now that you have set some time aside with a personal plan and have the information about your body that you need, it is time to select a personal trainer or gym-buddy that perfectly mesh with what you are looking to accomplish. A Personal trainer or experienced “training partner” can design a workout plan for you using the information that you have provided. Even if you cannot afford to constantly have a trainer, spending the money on getting a good training plan is completely worth it. This plan can allow you to focus on muscle building and also save money while you carry out exercises on your own. A good trainer will show you how to correctly perform exercises so that you don’t get injured, show you techniques to maximize the impact of your motions, and help you mentally to become stronger.

Get ready to work

Once you have your plan of attack and someone that will have your back, there is just one last step- get in the right mindset. Nothing great in love comes easy and that is definitely still true when it comes to getting in shape. Embrace the pains of training knowing that they will only make you that much stronger in the future. In 3 months from now, you will never regret the workouts that you did!

To put it simply, with the right people surrounding you and with the right plan, completing your goals is completely reliant upon you! If you put in the work, focus, and believe in what you can accomplish then nothing can stop you from achieving the beach body of your dreams!

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