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Four Benefits of Morning Workouts

There are some major perks to starting your day with a sweat session, rather than ending it with one.

Without a doubt, the best time to workout is always going to be whenever you can fit one into your schedule. After all, working out at 9 pm beats skipping day after day because you sleep through your alarm clock. But starting your day with a workout can provide you with many SERIOUS advantages over leaving it for after work. Our experts at Relentless Fitness came up with six benefits of morning workouts that just might convince you to start exercising first thing.

Be Active All Day Long

Getting that morning workout in will definitely inspire you to get moving throughout the rest of the day. Scientists at Brigham Young University even did a study where researchers found that people that wake up and crush a workout are more active throughout the day. Doing some morning exercise will get your blood flowing and WILL give you the boost you need to own the day.

Consume Fewer Calories

It is very logical to think that burning 500 calories in the morning would backfire by making you think that you have a free pass to make up for the lost calories and then some. However, those that exercise in the morning is more inclined to eat a healthy breakfast afterward and then have their health goals in their mind when eating other meals during the day. When it comes to fitness, having a healthy mindset can truly go a long way.

Will Burn More Fat

To eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast, that is the question. This question has been highly debated in fitness and health circles FOREVER. There are most definitely some benefits to fueling up before a workout – it will keep you going harder for a longer period of time. However, a study completed by The British Nutrition Journal showed that when working out without a meal in your stomach would allow you to burn 20 percent more fat than when a meal is first eaten.

Sleep Better At Night

Ever go to an 8 pm class and feel like your body was too amped up to fall asleep afterward? This connection is definitely not just your imagination. Getting better sleep and working out in the morning go hand in hand. The National Sleep Foundation says that evening workouts may boost the body’s temperature at night and will stimulate the body, which can make falling asleep WAY more difficult. Working out in the morning leads to deeper, longer, and overall more high-quality nights sleep.

At the end of the day, making time to workout and raise your heart rate is extremely important whether you are working out in the morning or after work. But, know that waking up before everyone else to get your sweat on will give you confidence and will allow you to crush your day. Our elite staff at Relentless Fitness is always here too to boost your mood and make waking up in the morning not seem too bad. Push your limits and GET AFTER IT!

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