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5 tips for Staying Fit This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially upon us. Festivities involving large amounts of eating and drinking are inevitable, BUT you can still enjoy this joyous time of the year without gaining some undesirable weight. While still enjoying time with family and friends, it is important to keep fitness in mind. At Relentless Fitness, we believe you always having a mindset to better yourself in the future is important. To save you the stress of fighting off the pounds, here are 5 tips for staying fit this holiday season.

Keep Your Routine

This time of the year can get pretty hectic, but don’t let all of the madness get to you. Before you head out to your next holiday party, be sure that you get a workout in. Another option is to have a workout planned for the following morning. You’ll be less likely to regret your night out knowing you have a killer workout waiting for you in the morning.

Remember Those Veggies & Lean Proteins

Be smart with what you consume. It’s totally okay to indulge in your favorite holiday treats like cookies and cakes, but don’t forget the good stuff like fruits and vegetables. For every unhealthy food that you decide to eat, be sure that you are also eating something with nutrients that will benefit you in the following days. Even eating a couple of carrots with hummus can go a long way.

Portion Control

Remember, less is more! Grab a smaller plate, and fill it with delicious, BUT healthy choices. It may seem as if you are eating more, when you are in fact eating less. This will allow you to minimize the unnecessary calories so that you have more room for foods that will benefit muscle growth and a healthy lifestyle.

Be the Life of the Party!

Yes, alcohol can have negative consequences in terms of calorie intake. But, there is some good news that comes along with this. As long as you choose your beverage wisely, you can get away with having a few drinks. Vodka with club soda or a light beer can be potential options that will not have too many negative affects on your body.

Drink Plenty of Water

Whether you are at a party with friends, or enjoying a relaxing evening with family, it is important to stay hydrated. It is a known fact that water will enhance your metabolism and will even help control your calories. Be sure that you are drinking water while you are out in order to replace the H2O that you lost in your previous workout and to prepare for the workout that you have planned for the following day.

Now go out there and enjoy the holidays and this beautiful time of the year with your friends and family, but keep in mind that every food or drink you consume will have an affect on your following workout. Make smart choices and come into Relentless Fitness if you decide to eat more unhealthy food than you had planned!

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