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Why Mobility Will Help You Accomplish Your Fitness Goals

Mobility is crucial when it comes to working out, but gym goers that are working towards achieving peak fitness often overlook it. Before we begin talking about maximizing your results, it is important to know what mobility is exactly.

Simply put, mobility is the body’s ability to move freely and easily. A good way of checking your mobility can be done in a few simple exercises. Even if you believe that you have good mobility, it is important to maintain the level that you are at.

Here are a few reasons why having good mobility will allow you to accomplish YOUR fitness goals.

1. Increased flexibility

Since having good mobility means that you can move freely and easily, you are more likely to be flexible, which is great when it comes to improving your performance in the gym. With improved flexibility, your body will be able to achieve a full range of motion and you will be able to get more out of your exercises. When your muscles are tight and not flexible, your performance will be lacking and you will put more strain on muscles because you contort your body differently than normal when it is sore. Your muscles will not be able to be as strong, powerful, or build as much if you are not flexible.

2. Get better results

If you have good mobility then your body can get into various positions easier and perform patterns more efficiently. This can help you get consistent results in a faster period of time so that you can maximize the work you are doing during exercise while targeting the right muscles. In addition, you will be able to lift a heavier load that can help you improve muscle mass in the long run.

3. Improved quality of life

Good mobility supports proper functioning of your body. This will improve your quality of life because you will not be fighting nagging injuries or have to worry about missing out on time exercising because you pulled a muscle. Feeling discomfort during a workout can increase mental strain and also limit your progress in the gym. When you are happy and healthy you will be in a good mood and will be able to achieve your goals in the gym.

4. Better posture

When your body is able move freely, your body will be aligned and have a better range of motion. Nearly ever exercise involved using your back muscle, so having a limber back will allow you to accomplish more while in the gym.

Accomplishing your goals in the gym is a huge deal due to the fact that getting in shape takes a lot of time, dedication, and sacrifice. Don’t be afraid to do the little things after a workout such as stretching, icing, and rehydrating to ensure that you are prepared for the next day’s activities. Our dedicated trainers at Relentless Fitness are available at any time during your workout session to provide insight as to how you can not only maximize your mobility, but also increase your results.

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