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Ahhh, vacation time! A time to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. You’ve been counting down the days until the “all-inclusive” food and drinks, white sands and crystal blue water, and the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Sure, why not? I’m on vacation! Stop right there! Don’t let “vacation mode” make you fall off your fitness wagon. Although a chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles on top sounds like a delicious option for breakfast, it is important to be aware of what you are eating when you’re away on vacation.That’s not to be said that you can’t enjoy the endless buffet or indulge in a donut for breakfast, because after all, the food is probably one of the things you were looking most forward to. We have 3 tips for you to stay on track during your vacation and return home not feeling guilty!

Eat in Moderation

Some may think that vacation is a time to let loose and forget about the months of hard work they have put into their health and bodies. The Caribbean weather doesn’t justify making unhealthy decisions and eating an ice-cream cone after every meal. Because, lets be honest, most people will eat their way into a food coma when on vacation. Now, we’re not telling you to completely rule out indulging in the delicious vacation food, because you should treat yourself and enjoy some extra food here and there or eat foods that you normally consider as “cheat meals”. If you have a large dinner one night, choose to go lighter on breakfast and lunch the next day. The food police wont be coming after you if you decide to eat a donut for breakfast; just be aware and conscious of the decisions you are making.

Stay Hydrated

If you are traveling to warmer climates, such as Mexico or Bermuda, it is likely that you are not use to the warmer temperatures. It is so important to stay hydrated, and not with margaritas or beer, but with water. If you choose to drink alcohol, have a glass of water in between each drink, especially if you are out in the sun. The sun tends to make you even more dehydrated and can drain your energy. To compensate being outdoors and in the sun, make sure you are getting enough water throughout the day. A great way to make drinking water easier is to pack an empty refillable water jug and bring it with you when you’re at the pool or on the beach. If there are cocktail servers on the grounds, ask them to refill your jug with ice water. Staying hydrated on vacation never looked cooler!

Get Active

Although working out while on vacation may seem counterintuitive, vacation is actually the perfect time to exercise! You can go running on the beach, complete a full body weight circuit in your hotel room, or even do a peaceful yoga session outside. If exercising doesn’t fit in with your schedule, try to make walking to your destinations a priority. Staying active on vacation is especially important if you will be enjoying yourself with alcoholic beverages and indulging in food. If you have the time try to get one small workout in a day or every other day.

Just because you’re on a tropical island and surrounded by tropical beverages and delicious food, that doesn’t mean you should put your fitness and health on pause! The worst thing that could happen after a vacation is to return back home feeling bloated, tired, and unmotivated from eating and drinking too much!

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