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Workout regimes need to have two things to be great: they need to be fun and they need to be effective. Are you bored with your current workout routine? There may be a third attribute that is essential to your fitness formula and that is a uniqueness and customization to the workout that fits your specific needs. A great workout is universal and suitable for the most dire of circumstances.

The Story of Vincent

Vincent faced an incredibly painful double level spinal fusion nearly ten years ago. It basically involves replacing entire vertebrae and making an incision through the abdomen that is known to be frightening. The pain was extensive. Frankly, it was crippling, and it took a year before the doctor said Vincent could even begin doing mild and moderate lifts. Nowadays, Vincent works out consistently. In his late 50’s, Vincent says he feels better than he ever has before. It is an astonishing achievement propelled by the High Intensity Interval Training program at Relentless Training.

Vincent’s story proves that few people have an excuse. It is always possible to recover in this day and age, where innovative workout techniques, great social networks to get involved, and regimes that are aware of life’s complications can help anyone improve their quality of life through fitness.

Custom Training for Custom Problems

The workout routine stresses the important factors that make Vincent, and any trainee, unique. It accomplishes this by customizing smaller portions of the workout. For example, boxing is a major component. Someone with bad arms or a leg injury will need to roll back on the boxing aspect of the workout. The important thing is that they still do it. It is not skipped entirely just because it is difficult. It is simply reworked in the formula to make the whole effort more effective. Unnecessarily burdening and stressing someone going through a unique situation is not our goal. High cardio may not be the main focus with a client who has heart issues. But, it must be challenged. The heart will only improve when pushed, and our training does exactly this in an environment that is safe and doctor-recommended. Other techniques may be applied to counteract these issues, such as breathing exercises and lifting.

Vincent was able to accomplish all of the major parts of the workout, from the body weight cardio to the boxing, without sacrificing any one aspect. Tabata at Relentless Training is wonderful for people with special needs and who need that extra push to overcome a unique and potential life-long obstacle.

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