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Getting in your own way can be a common obstacle if getting back in shape and staying that way isn’t your favorite. In the continued spirit of bouncing back this time of year, we’ve gathered some quick tips to make your life a little easier.

If you’re a runner:

You should still strength train! 10-20 minutes each day will dramatically reduce your injury risk and allow you to push harder and faster. Combine compound movements like bench presses, deadlifts, squats, and movements using an elevated platform with bodyweight exercises like lunges, leg lifts, and planks. You should also incorporate some hip strengtheners and heavy weight routines (which should only be done twice per week)!

Get some rest!

Your body needs seven to nine hours of sleep every night, so setting an early alarm just hours from when your head hits the pillow will not be canceled out by endorphins or adrenaline; you’re going to do more harm than good.

Plan your big 3.

Try to figure out three days each week where you can really push yourself and get in your toughest workouts.

Shake up your routine.

If you haven’t tried this before, give it a shot the next time you step on the treadmill:

  • 3 minutes of your average running pace

  • 90 seconds faster pace

  • 1-minute average

  • 1-minute fast

  • 45 seconds average

  • 1-minute fast

  • 1-minute average

  • 90 seconds fast

  • 45 seconds sprint

  • 90 seconds average

Never do a workout you hate.

If you hate it, don’t waste energy on it! Use that time for effective moves and activities that you enjoy doing (or at least don’t mind).

Get accountability partners!

Finding some gym/activity buddies to keep you on track (and vice-versa) can make a huge difference in your commitment.

For a major jump start on your fitness routine, check out our Ignite 9 program!

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