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December is here, which means everyone is most likely bracing themselves for their annual holiday slump. We get it; the holidays are hard and finding time to stay fit and eat clean can be harder, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose between your health and enjoying yourself! January seems to be the month to get back on the horse, but what if you didn’t fall off completely?

What most people don’t realize is how much damage they haven’t done to their bodies in the few weeks of inactivity. The fact is, whatever major gains or progress you’ve achieved through strength training will most likely stick with you for up to twelve weeks! The inches that come with putting your workout and diet regimen on hold are usually from water retention, rather than actual body fat. Regardless, seeing that extra weight on your body can be disheartening, and you may really feel it physically. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t get back to the gym during this time of year is because of how less energized or how weak they feel.

Keep this one important piece of information in mind in the coming weeks:

Your body is lying to you! It only takes about two weeks to undo the damage and get back into the shape you were in (pre-eggnog). So, if you’re planning on thinning out your gym schedule indefinitely, consider these tips to make your life much easier and your body much happier.

Start small.

The intimidation of trying to lose a major amount of weight this time of the year might make you give up altogether, so setting smaller, more realistic goals is your best bet. Two pounds in two weeks is a good way to keep yourself in check without depriving yourself of the food and fun in your holiday festivities.

Update your wardrobe.

Not only will looking great in some fresh workout gear motivate you just a bit more, but you’ll probably feel more comfortable. Newer clothes that fit better are obviously much easier to move around in than your old gym shorts with the loose elastic!

Get on the floor!

No, seriously. A floor routine might save you when nothing else will. When you’re dreading cardio or weight training, try to get in some lower-impact moves that allow you to use your own body weight. Sometimes, the prospect of getting on your feet is too much, but you don’t have to give up completely!

Don’t go hungry.

You probably already know this, but not letting yourself crave food by fueling your body with more frequent, healthier snacks is key! Try to bring extra things to nibble on throughout the day to work, in your car, or in your bag.

Don’t stop home.

Sometimes, the only way you can get yourself to the gym is if you bring your workout gear around with you. Going home first after a busy or stressful day can really put a damper on your motivation to get back out into the cold.

Keep it short!

You’re probably doing a lot of scheduling and time-budgeting right now– parties, shopping, working –so why not factor in a few minutes of movement? You don’t need to spend an hour working out to make a difference! Fifteen to thirty minutes of focused exercise is the starting goal for the gym, but if you’re taking a break, why not try to take ten or so minutes away daily from watching television or looking at social media and use that time for some quick strengthening moves? As you start to increase your strength and stamina, you won’t be waiting for the time to run out, and you might even keep working past your usual limit. This is a great way to incorporate a speedy HIIT workout!

No matter what your plans are for the month of December, our team is dedicated to helping you surpass your goals and feel your best. Head back to our homepage to sign up for one free personal training session!

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