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While some workout training is about making it a fun experience, others strive for just a little more. Relentless Training, the best gym in Freehold, New Jersey, seeks a high-energy and high-capacity performance out of all trainees. The training fits your custom style as a foundation. Where are you at in life? What are your goals? The training then pushes the envelope and challenges you in brand new ways.

There are at least three different kinds of people that could use training that is Relentless. Most who want a challenging workout already have the basics. They may have hit a flat point in their workout where they are no longer gaining more muscle (or losing any more weight). They may lack the motivation to reach that next step or they are simply bored with the systematic nature of working out. Now, it is time to take that up a notch.

Fighting Boredom and Defining Momentum

So workouts are consistent, and toning is setting in pretty well. The compliments are building up, and confidence is high. The problem has little to do with past progress. It has everything to do with boredom. When workouts get boring, you’ll slack off. You can easily get back in a bad routine. You fought way too hard to leave that behind, and now it’s time to infuse some positive energy and challenge into your workouts. The one-on-one training at our Freehold NJ gym will specifically look at removing boredom. Trainers will switch up your routines weekly, which will help combat boredom. They will keep you engaged by having you record progress over time. They will change up the workout styles entirely, some days focusing on cardio with music and other days doing pure muscle. Many trainers change it up by doing much shorter sets and switching to totally new places every 10 minutes.

Lacking Motivation

Few things are as motivating as someone holding another accountable at the gym. They do not want to let the other down. They need someone to light that fire because they know they have it in them. A roommate could help, but it is not always possible. Trainers will apply diets and at-home training exercises to keep your momentum and motivation going strong. A big part of staying motivated is carrying that to the home. At our gym in Freehold, motivation comes easy. A trainer is forcing the next move. At home, things may be a lot different. The trainer will enforce a template that is used at home. This will promote activity when no one is watching, and that can be one of the toughest challenges to tackle. If a trainee is not carrying their efforts out of the gym, they will never reach new heights.

Greater Intensity

Some people have seemingly hit a plateau. They did everything right, but they are now in a position where they are only sustaining what they have. How can a workout be taken to a new level? The answer lies in intensity. Our Freehold NJ gym will seek out what motivates you, and apply advanced techniques to get you pushed to the next tier. This will include a workout schedule that is customized. Trainers will want to look at the current schedule. They will first add 20% to the schedule. That could play out in the amount of time dedicated to workout out to the number of sets done in each interval. The trainer will accelerate the program appropriately, by adding 25% and 30% as it progresses. There is no time for stagnancy. The combination of accountability and intensity in fair doses will help push anyone where they need to be.

Relentless Fitness is located in Freehold, New Jersey where 524 and Route 9 meet. The gym cannot be missed! Here, individuals of all sizes and all comfort levels indulge in the frenetic, fashionable, and veteran supervised training of Relentless Training. Complete the contact form on our website and a team member will reach out within a day or two. Aspiring Relentless trainers can also contact for a prompt reply. Join the program and get involved in what working out is really all about.

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