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New Jersey residents have access to a brilliant workout program. This program is called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT and it is being offered in Freehold NJ at Relentless Fitness & Training! Through the program, participants discover ways to accomplish all their weight loss and fitness goals quickly.

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training is a workout that begins with intensive activities. Participants perform this high intensity exercise for a specific amount of time. Next, they perform a lower impact exercise for a preset amount of time. They continue to repeat this process for a predetermined amount of time.

Each portion of the workout is performed according to a specific interval. For example, you can perform the high intensity exercise for one to two minute intervals. At the end of the interval, you perform the next step for three or so minutes.

What are the Benefits of HIIT?

You burn more calories in less time. The workout conditions your body to burn fat for 24 hours after you complete the program. This helps you achieve your weight loss goals.

Strong Bodies and Better Cardiovascular Health

You condition your heart to withstand longer workouts. This lowers the risk of heart disease and improves your overall health. You’ll find that you can perform physical activities for a longer duration.

No Equipment Required

Interval training doesn’t require any equipment. The body is the equipment. The force of the body promotes the weight loss. However, you may choose to use weights to increase the impact.

Preserving Muscle Mass

During weight loss, you could lose some muscle mass. Your instructors may encourage you to participate in weight training. This enhances the body’s ability to produce lean muscle mass. As you continue the High Intensity Interval Training, you will acquire the full benefits of weight loss and muscle development. Fat deposits are reduced and transformed into muscle through these efforts.

Where is it Available in Freehold NJ?

Relentless Fitness & Training is located at Barclay Square Plaza, 3338 US 9 South. If you are interested in enrolling, you should review our programs to find the best opportunity for you. These services help you to achieve the benefits of HIIT close to your home.

Our local participants find a clear resolution through interval training. These opportunities show you how to workout even when you have a hectic schedule. Through these opportunities, you take control over your overall health and well-being. You could also achieve your fitness aspirations in a shorter amount of time. To learn more about these programs, contact us today!

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