With equal parts purpose and intent, our Coaches help you TRAIN FOR LIFE!


Our Relentless Coaches consist of a close-knit group of highly-skilled, committed and inspired individuals grounded in real life experiences and perspectives.


With over 30 years of combined experience in fitness, team sports, boxing, and overall wellness, we have a Coach that can be matched to where you are in life.


After spending four-years in the corporate fitness and wellness world Matt developed experience in corrective exercise, functional movement, strength & power training, and has helped many clients reach their LIFE goals.


Matt grew up with a strong influence in exercise with his father and uncle having owned gyms and participated in bodybuilding competitions. Matt decided to take a leap and found what is now Relentless Fitness & Training. He is extremely passionate and dedicated to motivating and leading others to their own successes every day. Having a facility to call his own is a dream come true for Matt, and he hopes to influence as many lives as possible through the Relentless Movement.





He prides himself in program design and following a regimen in the best interest of his clients. Paul participated as a student athlete on the baseball field through high school and into college. He understands what it takes to maintain a balanced schedule between your health and wellness and your daily schedule.

Paul is a graduate of Kean University where he received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Administration and specialized in commercial recreation. He enjoys being part of the daily operations at Relentless Training and has a great grasp on understanding what the members here want. He is open to working with everyone and anyone. His passion is to change your life along with your body. Paul’s goal is to continue to create the best environment possible for everyone to succeed and grow.




Pete loves combining strength and fitness to help create a stronger body and a strong positive mind. As a former competitive bodybuilder and gym owner, he brings more than 30 years of experience in helping people reach their fitness goals and aspirations. He is passionate about creating the best environment for those to take the first step on their Relentless Journey.



Hillary has been part of the Relentless Family since 2012. She attributes her health, wellness and accomplishments to being part of the Relentless Team. This experience has motivated her to impart this knowledge to others. Teaching for 33 years within the NYC school system additionally enables her to be tentative to everyones needs and goals. 


Hillary has her Bachelor of Arts in studio art from Brooklyn College along with her Masters of Arts in secondary art education from Brooklyn College and her Masters Equivalent in studio art social work from Brooklyn College and Adelphi University.

​She is extremely passionate and believes “Nothing succeeds like success.”




Franco is one of the minds behind our core Supervised Training Program. He focuses on every aspect of exercise while navigating with innovation to bring the best product to the forefront. He is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Class of 2011 where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in exercise science with a concentration in sport and exercise conditioning. He uses his education and personal connection to deliver to a diverse group of clients.


Franco lives his own life on the firm belief that “Success is never final, failure is never fatal, and it is the courage to continue that counts.”


Leah Schmidt is a certified Coach and group aerobics instructor through AAAI. She is currently balancing her drive for being at the facility, working with others and continuing her education to receiving her associates in health and physical education. 


She has experience working with special populations and hopes to bring a new level of comfort to Relentless for anyone who fits those categories.With using her experience and knowledge, she makes it a necessity to help every individual find confidence in themselves the healthy way.





Drew Keller is a Coach who works through all aspects of training and has a special touch when it comes to bringing the best out of each client. He has been training and working out since the age of 8 and was a multisport athlete growing up, Wrestling, Football, Baseball, and Dance. 

Drew takes many aspects of his training and applies it to his everyday life, as training is not just something he does, it is a way of life. He passionately believes in the power of mindset and preparing the mind for life and events that may occur throughout it, which is part of the Relentless mantra “We train for life!”.

Evan VanArsdale has enjoyed fitness ever since he walked into Relentless at age 13, he instantly fell in love with boxing and the essence of fitness and coaching. Boxing is not only the physical aspect but is also a very mental sport, which has shaped his life and fitness career.  He has a focus on Boxing, however he prides himself in delivering to each client's needs. He is immensely passionate about motivating and pushing each and every member.

Evan is a graduate of JMHS and the. Health and Fitness Technology Program at OCVTS.  His ultimate plan is to continue on his Relentless Journey and continue to strengthen the Health and Wellness industry. 





PJ made his return to the Relentless scene in 2020 after being a huge part of the first 2 years growth from 2012-2014. We truly missed his energy and confidence he gives off to each and every person he interacts with. He prides himself in being well balanced and calculated in his program delivery. PJ changes lives by using the physical, mental and emotional approach of the entire being.

A certified coach and a Relentless leader Andrea is looking to grow within the Relentless walls. She focuses on quality over quantity and will pull the best out of each individual in front of her. She is open to any new challenges towards growth and will undoubtedly help you grow as a whole person in due time spent with her.





Since joining the Relentless Team he has been a strong presence and defines dedication. He takes on each connection inside the facility with the utmost pride. Bryan is open minded and has a strong focus on growth. He believes that we can all learn from each other and help each other grow through fitness and wellness to become the ultimate versions of ourselves 


Bryan is finishing up his senior Internship and will be graduating from East Stroudsburg University by way of Relentless as a Business major and a certified Coach.



Jenna has grown a love for both physical and mental health. She has been a dancer since the age of 3 and has taken on her new journey of becoming a certified Coach. Joining the relentless team has opened her eyes to human development with each individual in front of her. She makes it a priority to incorporate a healthy mentality into her everyday life. 

Jenna is a graduate from OCVTS Performing Arts Academy as a dance major. A graduate at OCVTS Health and Fitness program. A graduate at Ocean County College and continues pursuing her career as a licensed clinical social worker at Monmouth University. 



If you have a desire to be a leader for others while serving the Relentless Community, consider becoming part of our team!