THE                                PROGRAM

Relentless Fitness is proud to introduce our Ignite 9 program. Ignite 9 is a healthy lifestyle and fitness jumpstart program that provides you with the perfect way to get off the couch and make real strides towards being a fit and healthy person. This 9 week program will give you the tools you need as well as ignite your drive and passion. As a crucial part of our fitness formula, Ignite 9 is only the beginning of your fitness transformation.

Have you been intimidated, overwhelmed, scared, or unsure of where to start?


Ignite 9 includes 9-week group fitness classes in which you can participate in over 153 different class times. You choose what class time best suits your schedule. These classes will feature workouts focused on Weight Loss, Cardio, Endurance, Boxing, High Intensity Interval Training, Core Training, Tabata, Bootcamp, and Circuit Training. The variety and diversity in the workouts ensures that you are working out different parts of the body while maintaining your overall goals. Whether you are just starting or looking to increase the variety of your own workout routine, our Ignite 9 program can provide the perfect structured approach to your weight loss or fitness goals.


In addition to group classes, Ignite 9 includes 9 weekly private one-on-one training sessions. During these sessions you will work intimately with one of our certified trainers. Our trainers will tailor a workout specifically for your needs and goals. These sessions will help you set your foundation for future fitness. You will learn proper techniques, perform the correct number of sets and reps, and will have the motivation required to make real change. Our certified, experienced staff will motivate and inspire you on a daily basis. You can’t find a more personal and important experience for your fitness than at Relentless.


The final aspect of our Ignite 9 program includes 9 weekly health and nutrition round-table style group discussions. During these discussions you will learn the proper tools and keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Working out is not enough; if you want to see real change in your fitness you have to eat properly and manage what you take into your body. These seminars will include clean eating, planning and preparing meals, healthy decision making, and other keys to a healthy lifestyle. During this time you will even be able to participate in web based group nutritional guidance and instruction.

Ignite 9 is the most comprehensive workout program around, and it is only just scratching the surface of what Relentless Fitness does. Where most group class programs will abandon you after the course is over, Relentless Fitness continues the tools you learned and advances you to Supervised Training Sessions. Ignite 9 is the perfect way to start your fitness transformation and ignite your fire.