Relentless Training pushes you to challenge yourself. The training staff understands that each individual person starts out at a different level and they customize your workout to fit your needs. When I started in February I was out of shape and still having significant difficulty with lateral motion and balance. Several years ago I was involved in an accident that left me with a titanium plate and seven screws in my right leg. Relentless Training has provided me with the foundation to rehabilitate my body while achieving my personal goals of getting back in shape. All of my trainers have taken their time with me and have pushed me to be better and want more out of my experience. The increase in strength, motion, and balance I have seen over the past 5 months is incredible.

This gym truly provides their members with an experience like no other. From the time you walk in the door till the time you leave the staff is friendly and always giving you positive advice. There is always someone around to help and they will never kick you out if your workout runs a little late. The classes they provide are challenging and accompany the personal workouts well. They have ingrained the idea that it’s not about how you start but how you finish and in my eyes my selection for gyms has started with other places but ends with them.There’s nothing like Relentless Training around. Thanks for pushing me to be better.

Vincent Lynch

For the past 25 years I had suffered from severe back pain that continued to increase with time. As a result, my quality of life and physical activity were greatly compromised. In 2006, I underwent an extensive spinal surgery which lasted nine hours. One incision was made in the front of my abdomen, along with another by my lower back just above the waistline. This complex surgery is known as double level spinal fusion, that also included a vertebral replacement.After being hospitalized for over a week, I returned home to a hospital bed for over a month. During this time, I obtained physical and occupational therapy for several months, while enduring extreme physical pain throughout my recovery. A year after the procedure in 2007, my surgeon gave me the medical clearance to begin light to moderate exercise on my own. At that time I joined a local gym and worked out for about a year, but never obtained the results I was looking for.


In 2009, my son suggested I join CentraState Health and Wellness Center. Due to my extensive medical history, it was a priority that I find the most knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer. I spoke to the manager of the training facility who recommended Matt Strout. During our first meeting, I informed Matt of my physical history, surgery and fitness goals. I stressed my desire to be challenged, since I was able to train for the first time in my life. Matt’s extensive knowledge, concern and positive attitude were immediately evident. From day one, our training sessions were challenging by combining weight, core, and cardio training to ensure I’d never hit a plateau. Very early on during our sessions, I realized Matt wasn’t just any trainer, he was the best! His continual encouragement and motivational outlook has vastly impacted my life in a positive way. There is never room for boredom, or saying I’ve had enough. Matt has a saying, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”

Matt has moved on from CentraState and due to his enormous passion for his profession he opened his own business called “Relentless Training.” I was his first client to eagerly sign up and continue my weekly training.

Our personal training sessions have now become a part of my weekly routine. Not only my physical health, but overall well being has been greatly enhanced as a result. Thanks to Matt I have excelled beyond my beliefs, and I am in better shape at 59 years old than I was in my 30s! Words cannot express how much Matt has positively impacted my life.

Steve Gachko

Since it’s a day to reflect on things in our lives that we’re thankful for, I figured I would let you all know how much you truly mean to me. As you guys know, when I found Relentless in 2012 I was in an incredibly dark place, one I never thought I would come out of. I have never come across a bunch of people who were so warm, welcoming and genuinely sincere. You have all played a role in getting me to a brighter place where I am so much stronger both mentally and physically. You have pushed me to do things I never imagined I could do and for that I am forever thankful. You have given me a home away from home and helped guide me to a place of complete well being. The impact that Relentless has had in my life is irreplaceable and I am grateful every single day for each and every single one of you guys. To me, you are all way more than just trainers. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, friends, and love ones. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!

Brooke Gulkis

Erin Keane

I decided to start kicking my ass into high gear in February of 2012. I couldn’t even get through an entire workout without having to sit out at some point trying to keep my lunch down. After sticking to a promise I made to myself and after sticking to my trainers’ workouts, I started seeing drastic results in my body. It took about 3-4 weeks of endless burpees, sprints, push-ups, squats and ball slams, but I finally started seeing abs I didn’t know I had, as well as a soreness I grew to love. Almost a full year later, I decided to really test my limits and start training for my first NPC Bikini fitness competition in August 2013. By October, I had competed in three competitions and successfully ended my first season with a first place win, qualifying me to go on to compete at a national level! I went on to do just that, and by July 2013 I had officially placed in the top 5 of my first national show, as well as securing a spot on the list of top ranked girls across the entire nation. It’s been quite the journey from the very first day I walked into Relentless, but they have been by my side through it all. My success on stage would not have been possible had it not been for the Relentless team pushing and believing in me. Never quit!

I have been a member of Relentless Fitness & Training since February 2013. I am a Mom, wife and also I work full time. So, how do I find time for me? Relentless provides such a unique fitness environment: it's cost effective, time efficient, and fun. It’s not your average gym.

I started as a walk-in with some questions and met with my now personal trainer Franco. He provided a plethora of knowledge of physical fitness, diet and positive motivation. Franco also knew I had very little time during the day; I’ve also been away from the gym for a while. Without hesitation, Franco worked with me and made it challenging, but not overbearing. If I had a question (and I came with many) Franco had an educated answer or would find out from the Relentless staff. 

Raquel Westgate-Ruggiero