TRAINER/Lifestyle Tailor Nutrition Coach

Location: Freehold, NJ

Type: Part Time/Commission

Job Summary


A Relentless Trainer will be responsible for working Supervised Training Floor hours. This includes assisting new members in the achievement of their fitness goals through the use of our equipment and designed programs. A Relentless Trainer will also take part in personal training/group training sessions and deliver a collective service and results with our Supervised Training Program. If qualified and interest they will deliver Lifestyle Tailor Nutrition Coaching 1 one on sessions and program guidance to help clients reach results safe and effectively.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities


A Relentless Trainer is in the position to guide his/her clients to a healthy mind and body through proper physical exercise.

A Relentless Trainer working a floor shift is required to give 100% attention to any help needed to all Relentless Clients and members. As well as manage the floor space to the best of his/her ability.

While teaching a Class a Relentless Trainer will represent Relentless in the same fashion that they do during a One on One session. This it his/her opportunity to display our quality of product

A Relentless Trainer/Relentless Lifestyle Tailor is required to be on board with the Relentless Lifestyle Tailor Nutrition Program and not miss direct or bring his/her own theories and practices in unless it is implemented as a team.

Learn how to use our Mind Body purchase order system for scheduling and completion of Training Sessions as well as our perkville rewards program.


Learn how to bring a NEW and RETURNING member through the sign up process and/or renewal process

Take part in our monthly continuing education team meetings.


Learn our Supervised Training Membership Process, which includes taking part in workout program design


At Relentless Fitness & Training Teaching a Class is voluntary and an opportunity for a Relentless Trainer to showcase their training methods and attract more of a following. 




A passion for fitness and health and a upbeat and positive attitude.


Punctuality and reliability is a must.


Exceptional customer service skills.


Willing and able to interact in a positive and professional way with members and co-workers, exceeding the member’s expectations.


Strong listener with the ability to empathize and problem solve.


Demonstrate diplomacy in all interactions while using appropriate behavior and language.


Current CPR Certification required.


Nationally Certified Training Certificate required.


High School diploma/GED equivalent required.


Must be 18 years of age or older.

Physical Demands


Continual standing and walking during shift.


Continual talking in person or on the phone during shift.


Must be able to occasionally lift up to 50 or more pounds.



A Relentless Team Member is required to represent his/her self in a respectful manner on all Social media outlets and/or all public settings. No sexual or offensive content should be displayed in any way shape or form. Be cautious of images and words being used for all public post and always remember that you represent Relentless Fitness  & Training inside and out of our facility.